Saturday, January 6th
Theme: Crown Chakra, Connecting Higher

5:00 – 7:30 PM

HUB seventeen, 114 Fifth Ave, NYC (BTWN 16 & 17 Street)

(come early & stay late to enjoy nourishing tea and inspiring people, we have the space from 4-8pm)



Saturday, January 20th
Theme: Chakra Integration

5:30 – 7:30 PM

227 E 24th St
Wear workout clothes, bring water.  Men & women welcome. 

$45/ticket (early bird $30 until 1/13)



Starting January 2018

•  the ‘connected breath’ which accesses your whole body for cellular shifts to occur.
•  an upgrade of your body dialogue for deeper acceptance and self love.
•  stretching, strengthening and sweating through yoga and dynamics movements.
•  a variety of meditation styles to create consistency in your practice.
•  the power of an intimate group container with like-minded people.
•  one-on-one coaching for a personalized journey.

VALUE: $950
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  $650 (until 12/31)


Breathe deep. Move more. Be you.

The purpose of this breath + body combination is for you to reconnect with your body to become more empowered and present in your life. As you reframe old thought patterns and release tension in your body, you will access the next level of who you are.

Each experience is unique and combines Biodynamic Breath led by Lisa Meta and Dynamic/Yoga inspired movements led by Natalie Pierson. Basically an awesome workout with deep meditation. 
When you leave this workshop you will have stretched your body, your mind and you will be owning a whole new understanding of who you are.  Are you ready to be awakened to the wealth and riches within you so you can elevate your personal vibration, enhance your relationships, and feel more confident, relaxed and joyful in your life?
• Reach your potential and discover the power of self inquiry.
• Reframe old thought patterns and release tension in your body.
• Explore new ways of moving your body.
• Learn techniques to become a master manifestor.
• Shift and uplift your energy!

In our sessions, I have always felt supported, ready to jump, explore & conquer. Most importantly and inspiring of all, you are an example of manifestation constantly at work! Yor energy, optimism, and approach to life & “work” have allowed me a huge opportunity. I find now that I can finally believe in myself. Your hard work, dedication, and sense of life are awesome and admirable! Thank you for being an inspiration and an example.

Breath work has been an integral tool in getting to know myself much more deeply. I am now aware of patterns that are unhealthy and understand where they come from. This allows me to uncover the path to experiencing myself with freedom and love. Couple with regular meditation, breath work has been the most direct way for me to experience my mental emotional-physical-spiritual self all at once. I feel so much more clarity and trust in myself.–Krista

Lisa Meta Griff