“A journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step.” 
– Ancient Chinese Proverb 

Q. How long have you been doing this work?
“This” would be graphic design, business coaching and personal development. I have been working for myself for 11 years building and rebuilding my business to finally land here – a place where everything I love has integrated. During this process I had to look at myself, and I have been working on me just as long. My business is a direct reflection of who I am! 

Q. Will you design my logo, business cards and website?
Yes, I would love to! You can either hire me to do only graphic design or you can see if one of the programs is a fit for you as most of them have design components worked into them to support your overall business growth. 

Q. How are you different from other business coaches?
I will not only be able to help you get clear on your business goals, but I can also design the supporting materials to go with it so you don’t have to take what we do and convey it to a graphic designer. We will conceive the idea and bring it to the visual world together.
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Q. How are you different from other graphic designers?
I don’t just make things look pretty, I guide you to understand the deeper meaning underneath what you are here to do. I not only design your brand, I support you to redesign YOU!

Q. What results can I expect to see from working with you?
Creating a visual brand will increase your credibility, confidence and visibility. Most clients experience more than just making a logo and a website, they experience a deeper understanding of who they are, what they want in life resulting in more joy, freedom, excitement, direction, peace and contentment as a result of our work together.
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Q. What kind of people do you work with?
Creative entrepreneurs like photographers, graphic designers, artist, chefs, anyone who expresses themselves creatively and wants to make a living doing what they love.  Unfortunately, a lot of talented artist never had any business training and their talent is going nowhere, so I work with them to create and sustain a thriving business.

Most of these people are stressed for time and frustrated with where to start. They are struggling to make money with their art so they take other jobs that are not fulfilling, leaving no time for art. They are living month to month, chasing to get clients with no systems in place.

I work with people who want to create an authentic brand that represents them and their business. They are ready to do the work and take action to see what is holding them back in life and business to clear the way for success. They believe in investing in themselves  and with focused collaboration, success is possible.

Q. What does working together look like?
I offer 3 different ways of working together depending on the amount of time you can dedicate to building your business on a monthly basis.  Two of the programs are 6 months – lasting change is a process and best results can be seen within a year of implementation. Working with me is focused collaboration and accountability to move you along faster on the path.  
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Together we create:
•  Systems for attracting more clients, money, and time.
•  Reframing for positive thinking and manifesting.
 Create a clear business plan.
•  Graphic design for a unique presence (30% off all design services if enrolled in a program)
•  Brand Strategy for embracing your unique abilities to monetize your creativity.
•  Business plan for living the life they want, and tools for creating it.
 Encouragement and accountability.
 Access to an expert in branding, graphic design, website creation, online and offline marketing, print material, etc…

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Q. What is the Be The Creator of Your Life Process™?
A 6-step process carefully designed to move you through the necessary steps aligning you with your brand and business goals to bring your vision to life.
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Q. What If I don’t live in the NYC area?
No problem, most of the work we do is over the phone and for the intensives, you can choose to come to NYC or we can do a skype video session.

Q. What should I do if I’m curious but I’m still not sure?
Curiosity is great and I would love to talk to you more about any questions you might have. The best thing for you to do is take advantage of the free vision activation call I offer. This way we can connect and see if there’s a fit.

Q. What does freedom mean to me?
Freedom is about creation and knowing that you are the creator of your life, and your life is a reflection of your choices. Freedom is waking up excited, grateful, in love with your life. Freedom is in faith, discipline, commitment, and clarity.

Lisa Meta Griff