One major thing I learned about being successful is that you can’t do it alone. For years I tried to push through and it wasn’t until I got out of my own way and got support that things in my business & life changed. Below are some of the amazing people that helped me raise my frequency and achieve success… pay it forward.

Dawn Copeland
Business Coach & Shadow Work Expert
Creator of the Feminine Evolution Mastery 1 year business and personal development program.

Steve Messere
Developer Extraordinaire

Natalie Pierson
Yoga Instructor, Healer & Energy Enhancer
Thai Yoga Massage, Zero Balancing & Reiki to encourage effortless relaxation, release held tension & support optimal energy flow. Balance & align your body, energy and mind.

Manja Zore
Photographer & Master Retoucher
Manja can make a wonderful portrait of you, take pictures of your product or anything else you need.

Mala Elhassan
Hair & Makeup Stylist

Sherry Mills
The Relationship Artist™
Finding beauty in the pain and the unlikely place, from heartbreak and illness, to wardrobe and landscape.

Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT
Holistic health physician & educator
Through private sessions, books and more, you will receive fresh perspectives on your body and its wisdom…along with fun and practical tips to live it.

Saba Sungar
NYC Luxury Real Estate Agent & Interior Creator at
Safer Contracting.

Krista Kujat
Intimacy Coach:  Empowering women to reclaim their relationship to themselves to feel SEXY, FREE and CONFIDENT.

Jeanie Voltsinis
Global High-end Concierge
Curating experiences so that you can be in the fun instead of planning it. Jeanie holds the key to unlocking your next adventure!

Lisa Murphy
Printing and Promotional Marketing / Account Manager
Omega Business Systems, Inc. (since 1995)
We provide everything from everyday printing to special projects. No quantity too small or too big.

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer, CHC, CEPC, AADP
Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coaching
Transform your relationship with food from one stuck in confusion and fear to one that is loving, joyous and free; experience the fully nourished life you deserve and desire.

Lisa Meta Griff