Download these e-courses to help you expand your mind and grow your biz! Learn how to align your actions with your goals. Be the creator of your life!

moneystoryWhat’s your money story?
In this e-book you will identify your current money story and master how to create what you want.  Learn a 3 step process to creating what you want in your life.  Monetize your creativity!





wake&makeWake & Make
Create a morning routine for success.
 Learn how to harness the powerful energy of the morning to create a routine that sets you up for success! Take control of you life and become the creator of it.





Monetize Your Year:  Goal Setting and how to create a plan of action
Learn fun ways to plan out your year so that you are setting yourself up for success. I will show you how to break down your business and life into more manageable chunks so setting goals is focused and detailed and believe it or not, fun!

Master your thoughts, master your life
How you talk to yourself is the most important thing for creating anything in your life. Reframing your negative thoughts into positive affirmations will shift the results you see in your life.

Conscious Decision Making
Our day, week, month, year, life is put together by a series of decisions. I show you how to become a conscious decision maker so you can align your actions with your goals. You are in so much more control of what is happening that you would imagine, let’s learn to harness the energy of your thoughts! 

Lisa Meta Griff