I have many challenging stories I could tell you about that play a role in how I got here. Like being in serious debt, my food addiction, emotionally challenging relationships, distorted body image, obsessive thinking, travel-escapism lifestyle, isolation, paralysis…ugh!

But what I really want to share is the thread that connects all these different stories together, and how it helped me realize my success today and create the life I always wanted.

All of these outward themes have one thing in common – my thoughts. My true story is about my journey to master my mind, which liberated me from my default programming in order to fully become the creator of my life.

I grew up, like the rest of us, learning and absorbing from the world around me. Subconsciously my brain shaped beliefs about myself that became my default programming and at the time, I had no idea just how powerful that default was. For many years it would run my life and trap me into thinking I wasn’t good enough to be successful, to find love, and be happy.

Not all my default thinking was bad but there were definitely some thoughts that were holding me back. Some of them led me to put myself down and I would then isolate myself, all the while feeling paralyzed and obsessively thinking myself deeper into my darkness.

The patterns just kept repeating no matter how much I tried to change them. My very worst default thought was thinking I might not be able to change. This led me to self medicate with food to ease the pain of failures, or I would enter into emotionally challenging relationships that only supported my own beliefs that I didn’t deserve better.

The truth was, my obsessive thinking was driving me crazy. I analyzed everything to death, constantly thinking there was some right and wrong way to be. I couldn’t make simple decisions that ultimately made me lose trust in myself. This was seriously affecting my life, my relationships and I often felt frustrated and sad.

I would try so hard but nothing would ever change.

But there must have been a little light of hope inside me during that time. However faint it was, somewhere I could hear it say, “don’t give up.” My awakening to this truth came the day I decided to see a therapist. I remember sitting there holding the phone battling the voices in my head telling me, “Lisa, you’re fine, you’re not the kind of person that needs to go talk to someone”. But then I heard myself ask, “what if you could be wrong?”

I couldn’t believe the things I was saying to myself that I believed as truth.

I burst into tears realizing in that moment that there could be another way – a way out! Thank goodness the possibility of change out shined the fear that day and I made that phone call and opened up that I could-maybe-possibly-hopefully change.

In my sessions I began identifying the conversations I was having with myself and I started a life long training to a new way of thinking and being which led to my creation of The Science of Change™.

I wanted to change, but couldn’t break out of how my mind was wired.
Or could I?

This newfound understanding that there even could be a new way to think – a Science to Change – got me excited and led me to go even deeper into learning about the brain, how it works, why we hold thoughts, where we hold them, and how to reframe them so that I could change and live more aligned with my dreams. 

I started trying all kinds of meditations, energy work, body work, traveled, continued with talk therapy, over eaters anonymous, nutritionists, coaches, books, audios, retreats and any other way I came across that could teach me to change. I kept wondering who is behind all the voices of doubt, fear, sadness, and confusion. I could hear her, me, wanting to get out… I would even catch glimpses of my true self only to be replaced with coping mechanisms and thoughts of blame and shame.

Eventually through my quest to understand myself and my deep desire to change, I found two life changing resources: The 11 Forgotten Laws and Bio-Dynamic Breathwork.

In The 11 Forgotten Laws, the first law is in fact, The Law of Thinking. This law reinforced what I had been learning, which is that my thoughts create the reality around me. And if I want to change my life, I must change my thoughts!

And, breathwork was the deepest connection to myself I had experienced. Not only did I connect to my body and tap into its wisdom but for the first time – I didn’t have to think. I also learned to surrender and let the science behind the breath and body release old stored trauma on a cellular level allowing change to be possible. This experience was so profound, I became certified as a bio-dynamic breathwork practitioner in 2007 and later would teach workshops and private sessions sharing this powerful modality globally.

It took many breakdowns and breakthroughs to learn the secret to stopping the loop of the same old stories that were keeping me in the same old place. But I did it. And, I am still doing it.

Thinking back now I am flabbergasted by the amount of time and energy I was spending on thinking about things that might or might not happen.

Fast forward to today.

Today, my brain is so much lighter and calmer and I find myself having enormous amounts of time to do the things I love and I  feel more at peace with myself and my thoughts. #happylisa

I run a thriving business supporting amazing talented people to be the creator of their lives through business development & lifestyle creation. I am Head Coach for Dawn Copeland’s 1 year FEM Mastery Business Development Program where I coach her clients and lead breath work at the 3+ retreats during the year.  I work from my Greenwich Village studio that I’ve owned for 14 years now. My financial debt is long behind me now, and I have created a savings account and a retirement fund that is growing monthly.

I am most proud of having traveled to 35 countries thus far and continue to travel to experience life (not to escape life!). I meditate and journal daily to continue to master my thoughts and reframe them as needed. My social life is fun and active and I go out and about when I want and I have learned to honor my Lisa time at home guilt free. My relationship with food and my body is a loving one and I continue to love and accept myself exactly as I am today. I enjoy exploratory walking, hiking, yoga, healthy cooking, taking photos of graffiti, fine dining and dogs!

The process I learned during my own journey, which I call –The High Frequency Living Process, has now become the centerpiece of my work and it is my pleasure and passion to share it with you.

Master you mind, master your life.

Lisa Meta Griff